Circle Back – Giving Back to the Community

We realize we didn’t get to where we are alone. It has come through hard work, passion, the grace of God, and help from others. We feel it is important to not just enjoy the success we have experienced for ourselves, but to circle back, and reach out a hand to help members of the underserved population get on their feet. We specifically have a heart for individuals coming out of incarceration and sex trafficking, who desire to rebuild and succeed in life.

The process of integrating back into society can be overwhelming. One of the main issues these individuals face is obtaining employment with a sustainable wage. We love that we can give back in this way by offering jobs paying well above minimum wage. This offers these men and women the ability to rebuild financially.

As part of the Circle Back Program, we encourage individuals to explore the continuum of care we have created at Fortified Academy. This school offers training and mentorship for individuals in all stages of their CDL career.