Fortified Development Trucking’s goal is to serve our customers and get our employees home safely. We strive to be second to none in SAFETY and RELIABILITY.

Fortified Development Trucking’s commitment to safety isn’t just a series of policies and procedures passed down from the top; but is a value of each and every employee. We stress safety every step of the way to make sure our drivers make it home and our customers and community experience no harm. Our goal is to have a workplace free of injuries and occupational illnesses.

The following principles guide our health and safety performance:

  • Our goal is to maintain a 100 percent safety rating and accident free.
  • By applying safety rules and training, all injuries are preventable .
  • We teach our teams to perform tasks safely. If it can’t be done safely, we don’t expect it to be done.
  • Accountability for the safety of self and others.
  • Team work is expected in identify hazards and manage risks.
  • Start SAFE. Stay SAFE.
  • Safety training is manditory, not an option.
  • Breech of certain safety rules may lead to termination of employment.