Our Journey

Where it All Began

Fortified Development Trucking started when one of the partners began researching the trucking industry. He only found low-paying opportunities with taxing schedules, making it difficult to maintain a healthy home life.

In response to the struggle, the partners pooled their experience to create a solution to meet their needs, as well as offering viable employment opportunities for individuals coming out of incarceration.

Deciding to walk in faith, in 2019, they launched Fortified Development Trucking.

Fortified Development Trucking is a family-owned business who believes in relationship. Through partnerships in the community and the trucking industry, they are working to build a transportation company that delivers not only freight, but hope to the community.

March 2020

Gaining Authority

Fortified Development Trucking received their Authority from FMCSA and were trucking! They were going across the country, delivering general freight with safety and excellence in their 26 foot box truck.

Overcoming Adversity

In the spring of 2020, the world experienced the challenge of COVID-19. With Fortified Development Trucking just starting out, they continued to move general freight in their 26 foot box truck, taking every precaution to keep themselves and those around them safe.

March 2020
December 2020

Passed FMCSA Safety Audit

Fortified Development Trucking met all the critiera of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and officially passed their FMCSA Safety Audit.

The First Tractor-Trailer

With a desire to grow the company and move more freight, Fortified Development Trucking developed a partnership with Colorado Enterprise. Through this relationship, Fortified Development Trucking was able to purchase their first 53′ tractor-trailer. Welcome to the fleet Sandy!

October 2021
May 2022

The Fleet Grows

Fortified Development Trucking expands the fleet with an addition of a second tractor. Casey is now a part of the FDT family.

Received Certifications

July 2022
July 2022

Positioned for Expansion

Fortified Development Trucking was the first small business to be accepted into the DIA Business Development Training Academy. This program positions small businesses to become certified as vendors for projects at Denver International Airport.