Emerge – CDL Pre-Apprentice

Expanding Your Horizons to CDL

Take a look under the hood with our CDL Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Before you jump into a career, it’s a great idea to get your feet wet.

What does it really take to be a truck driver?  What other opportunities are available in the trucking industry?

The Emerge CDL Pre-Apprentice Program is designed for individuals who are exploring a career in the $800 billion dollar trucking industry. Whether you are just coming out of high school, or you are looking for a change, our pre-apprentice program will give you both knowledge and hand-on experience to take the first step towards a career as a CDL driver.

Program Includes

  • 2-Weeks of Classroom Instruction
  • Self-paced Online Coursework
  • Hands on experience with a tractor/trailer
  • Mentorship 

Targeted Outcomes